• School Talk.

    School Talk is a simpler way to manage your school-to-parent communication, providing you with fast and effective ways to send email and/or text messages to managed groups of parents.

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  • Efficient

    School Talk eases the burden of setting up and managing your groups of students, whether it's a new player on the football team, or everyone getting a new class at the start of the school year, School Talk makes updating who receives what messages a breeze.

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  • Easy

    With a single screen allowing you to easily find which group (or groups) you want to send a message to, compose your message and add attachments, it's as easy as sending an email.

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  • Reliable

    School Talk runs on the same hardware platform used by Amazon, Netflix and many other premium internet services, to ensure the highest level of availability and stability.

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You control the layout of your emails, from the logo to the font and style, so that your emails match your school's branding.


A single email template for all users ensures that the key information such as contact details will always be included.


Our support section gives you anwers to the most common questions, but you can also email or phone us for extra help.



We are currently offering a completely free 3 month trial for all new schools. We feel that the best way for you to determine that School Talk is the best option for you is to let you try it for yourself. To get started, either click on Join School Talk and we can set you up straight away.

After your free trial, our simple pricing scheme means that you just pay £1 per student per year. You don't pay anything until the end of your free trial, and we won't request any payment information until the end of your trial.

Discounts are available for schools with over 400 students, contact our sales team for a quote or check out our Pricing page.


Community Focus

We appreciate how important your school community is, and that's why when you recommend a new school to us and they continue past the end of their free trial, we will donate 10% of their first year's annual fee to your school's PTA or a local charity of your choice.

Simply send us a message via our Contact page with your school's name, the name of the school you are recommending, and the contact details for an administrator at that school.

Alternatively, when the new school signs up, they can enter the name of your school in the "Who recommended School Talk to you?" box on the Join School Talk page.



School Talk is so easy and simple to use. It is logical. After sales support is strong. It gives our School its own identity.  

Penny Toleman, Littlegarth School